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Take Advantage of Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

The New York State Chapter is excited to now offer advertising opportunities in future editions of the newsletter. While there is no current fee (subject to possible change for future newsletters) to advertise the following minimum criteria must be satisfied:

  • An employee of the firm must be a member of the SWANA NYS Chapter in order to advertise in the newsletter.
  • The firm must write an informative technical article of 500 to 600 words to accompany the advertisement that is not self-serving of the firm. Two people on the Board of Directors, who are independent of the firm, will review the article.
  • Articles selected may be limited to available space in the newsletter.
  • The advertisement must be smaller in size than the written article.

There will be a limit of three (3) articles per newsletter.

  • The current newsletter will identify the theme for articles to appear in the next newsletter.

Three reasons to submit newsletter articles:

  • Opportunity to reach other Solid Waste Professionals
  • Opportunity to share innovative technical information
  • Free advertising space for your company/organization when an article is submitted

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