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Past Proceedings

Past Proceedings

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February 25th, 2016– Mixed Waste MRFs – Both Sides Now

June 10th, 2015– Game-Changing Initiatives for Solid Waste in New York City

December 3rd, 2013– Zero Waste, Zero Landfill, Zero Packaging: Industry & Government Perspectives

June 13th, 2013– Impacts of New Gas Supplies on the Waste Industry and Renewable Subsidies in New York

June 20th, 2012– Anaerobic Digestion for Organic Wastes

November 2, 2011– Plastics – Myths & Mysteries:


June 7, 2011–Incentive Programs to Reduce Waste and Increase Recycling Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) :

November 3, 2010–Implementing the New Electronics Take-Back Law in New York:


November 12, 2009–The Challenge of Being Green: Recent Progress with “Problem Recyclables”:


November 12, 2008–Waste Conversion Technologies. Session Proceedings:


June 5th 2008–Solid Waste Planning in New York: The Next Generation Emerging Issues for State and Local Solid Waste Management Plans. Session Proceedings:


November 2007 Odor Control at Solid Waste Management Facilities: Monitoring, Design & Operations Training Session Proceedings:

November 2006 Bioreactor Leachate Recirculation Design & Operations Training Seminar:

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