Category IA Scholarship Application


  1. This form is only for categories 1A and IV, all other SWANA grants and scholarships please visit

  2. Collect all information before filling out the form.  Get your 1st-year transcripts in either PDF or jpg format.

  3. Category IA Applicants are responsible to have the educational institution directly send transcripts to the NY Scholarship Chairman & to confirm transcripts have been received prior to May 1.

  4. Complete your essays and other require text content in a word processor then copy and paste into message boxes.

  5. Please review all information before final submission.

  6. Please note that the form will expand to display required fields depending on your selections.

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Please check the acknowledge box signifying that all scholarship funds received will be used exclusively for payment to the educational institution you are attending.

In an effort to promote education and professional development to SWANA members and their families, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has established the Grant H. Flint Scholarship Awards Program. Scholarships/Grants are available at the local SWANA level for all award Categories and at the national SWANA level for Categories I, II and III. In addition, to the Scholarship/Grants at the local level and the national level the SWANA New York Chapter is expanding funding for the scholarship program to include private company sponsorship. Applications will be accepted until May 1, 2020 and award(s) will be announced by June 1, 2020. Candidates selected for awards will be contacted directly by the Scholarship Committee, and the award(s) will be announced in a future SWANA newsletter.

Category IA – Category IA is for entering college sophomores. Eligible candidates include relatives of New York SWANA Chapter members or residents of New York State; preference will be given to relatives of SWANA members, and to candidates matriculating in a major focused on sciences, engineering, public policy, or other related environmental field.

Category IV – Category IV is for New York SWANA Chapter members who are pursuing educational opportunities, training or professional development. Eligible candidates include members of the New York SWANA Chapter; preference will be given to those matriculating toward a degree; and to coursework, training or professional development in an environmental related field, including public policy

For questions about Category IA or IV scholarships, please contact:

Martin Bellew
NY SWANA Scholarship Committee
44 Cricklewood North
Yonkers, NY 10704
[email protected]

Sponsoring SWANA Member

  By checking the box, I acknowledge that any scholarship payment, I might receive, will be used exclusively to the educational institution I am applying too.


Application must have the educational institution directly send transcripts to the NY Scholarship Chairman & confirm receipt prior to May 1