Sustainability Scholarship

Entries due April 1, 2020. Finalists will be selected by May 1, 2020.

Sustainability Application

Challenge Objective
The Solid Waste Industry has historically been thought of as an end point for various goods and materials used and subsequently discarded as solid waste by the community. With issues of space and public perception, landfills cannot serve as the sole method for the disposal of solid waste in the future. Although various sustainability initiatives exist, most are not readily implemented on a large scale.

Applicant(s) shall present an innovative sustainability initiative which works towards a zero waste future and provide a plan for implementing the idea in their community.

Scholarship Awards
1st Place: $3,000
2nd Place: $1,500
3rd Place: $500

Who is eligible for a Sustainability Challenge Scholarship?
Students enrolled in or that are planning to enroll in a New York State science or engineering undergraduate or graduate program within the 2019-2020 academic year are eligible to compete for the Sustainability Challenge Scholarship (i.e. graduating high school seniors, undergraduate students, graduate students). Students may work individually or in a team (teams of 1-2 students are suggested).

What are the submittal requirements?
Applicant(s) are required to submit a proposal that presents an innovative sustainability initiative for the management of solid waste. The proposal should contain a description of the initiative, a feasibility analysis, an implementation plan for integrating the initiative into their community (college, dorm, town, county, etc.), and applicable references to support the information presented in the proposal. The proposal should be up to 7 pages (double spaced), not including supporting figures, tables, drawings, etc. The proposal shall be submitted in PDF format to the Sustainability Challenge Representative listed in the Contacts section. If other means would enhance the presentation of your initiative, or if you would like feedback on your proposal, please reach out to the Sustainability Challenge Representative.

For student eligibility verification, a Faculty signature (i.e. professor, teacher, guidance counselor, etc) will be required on the Application form. Select schools have volunteer Faculty Contacts (please see the table in the Contact Section) that may be used as a resource for Sustainability Challenge guidance. If your school does not have a Faculty Contact, please have a Faculty member sign the Application form, and reach out to the Sustainability Challenge Representative if you have any questions.

Entries due April 1, 2020 Scholarship finalists to be selected by May 1, 2020