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RFP-City of Rochester ssow program

City of Rochester Source Separated Organics Program
Visit https://www.cityofrochester.gov/bidandrfp/
The direct link to the RFP is here: https://www.cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=21474847026
Proposals are due April 19, 2021.


commitment to safety-spread the word!

SWANA has a strong commitment to safety and is determined to help move the waste collection industry off of the federal government’s list of 10 most dangerous jobs and reduce accidents and injuries. To help make this happen we want to get the word out about how to stay safe day in and day out.

We can provide SWANA Pledge to Get Home Safe cards, 5 to Stay Alive handout with Safety Tips for Waste Collection Employees and Top 10 Backing Best Practices and a Safety Matter water bottle for facilities to host a safety event.
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a message from our president

Welcome to the New York State Chapter of SWANA, an organization of solid waste professionals committed to environmental stewardship and the advancement of sustainable environmental technology. Members of the New York Chapter represent all aspects of waste and materials management and come from state and municipal government agencies, private companies, engineering, legal and financial consultants, as well as private citizens with an interest in advancing the state’s materials management practices.

The New York State Chapter of SWANA is proud of the Chapter’s accomplishments and the services and benefits it is able to offer to the Chapter’s membership.

The accomplishments of the New York State Chapter are due to the investment of our membership and the vision of the Chapter’s Board of Directors whose effort and energy have been invaluable with respect to environmental stewardship, and steadily advancing toward a position of sustainability within New York State.

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